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Innovative and Complementary Data Security Solutions

Data is Everything

Don't Compromise On Performance, Economy and Safety While Taking Your Business One Step Up With Data;

Data-base management, digital transformation, digitalization and above all, information and application security are today's most current business agenda items. 

Your business units are knocking on your IT team's door every day with new needs. As the digital operation is ingrained in the genes of your business, both the variety of data and the amount of data in your infrastructure are increasing rapidly.


In order for this data to turn into meaningful results, decisions, and even instructions, it needs to be processed continuously, while your business performance is not expected to be impacted and no compronise is allowed on information and application security.  While these are maintained, the company data needs to be accessed anytime and anywhere.


While your sensitive data in digital environments increases, your risk surface is expanding day by day with new threats and new ways of working. 

SAP Security

We offer next-generation solutions that ensure end-to-end security for SAP platforms

While providing these solutions, we prefer solutions certified by SAP as much as possible

Oracle Security

We provide solutions for the evolving security needs of Oracle customers, including those not covered by the Oracle product range but continuously growing.

We strive to address all areas where security and operations are intertwined.

Microsoft Security

We solve the fundamental and urgent problems of our customers who have been using Microsoft technologies for many years and continue to invest in them. Primarily focusing on Active Directory and MS SQL databases, we approach with considerations for Europe's changing compliance laws.

Cloud Security

We address the complex security needs of our customers who use cloud platforms for specific requirements and concurrently maintain both cloud and on-premises environments for core applications (such as SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft) in parallel.

Proven Solutions in the International Arena.

Wide Sectoral and Geographical Coverage with 20+ Business Partners 

 In all solutions represented; ​


  • BMR represents the manufacturer and acts as a bridge between the vendor and the customers in the countries where it offers the solution.

  • BMR also acts as the customer's representative at every step from the selection of the solutions to the installation and providing the necessary support in the next process, and thanks to this understanding, it ensures maximum efficiency from the chosen solution.  

  • BMR believes in the importance of working with solution partners who prioritize customer experience, in success.

BMR In Numbers


Years of Experience


Security  Vendors










SAP Certified Real-Time End-to-End Security Management


Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA)  Solution 


Database Encryption and Key Management


Dynamic Cyber Security  (Windows/Linux)


Business Centric GRC Solutions For Organisations Running SAP


Active Directory Cyber 
Security, Reporting and Recovery


Secure Database Clones for Test and Development

D3 Security

New Generation SOAR for your SAP and none-SAP Platforms

Array Networks

WAF Solutions for
High Performance Needs

Are You Ready for Digitalization Without Compromising Data Security and Performance?

Let's match our solutions  with your existing applications and data architecture using our 20+ experts with international experience and let us do the installation, POC and POV works in your environment in the most efficient way. 

BMR Europe Head Quarter

BMR Information Technologies and Solutions KFT

 Hungary 1032 Budapest, Föld utca 53 pinceszint 1. ajtó


Company Registration No.: 01-09-430339  



BMR Turkey 


BMR Bilgi Teknolojileri San ve Tic. AŞ

Kozyatağı , 19 Mayıs Mah, Yamaç Sok.

Vera Plaza No: 3 Kat 4 34739 Istanbul

Company Registration No.:  846319


Phone: +90 216 510 03 88


BMR Montenegro

BMR Information Technologies DOO

TRG SUNCA BROJ 2 - Budva, Montenegro

Company Registration No.: 5-1045432/001

Phone : + 382 068 128 343

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